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Company Overview 

 DSM Rendering Contractor was established as a privately owned limited company by its current working director with the aim of bringing a fresh proactive approach to managing a contract rendering business. The director comes with successful track records in his individual field. For all your interior and exterior requirements, DSM Rendering Contractor Ltd provides attractive and affordable solutions. DSM Rendering Contractor Ltd has a proven history in individual domestic projects and commercial contracts, completing all your supply and fix or labour only jobs with expertise and honesty. We can provide you with professional services for: - Sto Rend

- Weber Rend

- Enviro M – System

- EPS Marmaritt

- Monocouche render

DSM Rendering Contractor Ltd will provide you with a free, no obligation, quote for all jobs in England and Wales. Based in North London, our specialist team have years of experience in using the latest rendering techniques and materials for hotels, offices, warehouse units, residential buildings, flats, showrooms, hospitals and studios.

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